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Secondary School Athletic Training

ATs are highly skilled and educated health professionals who work under the direction of licensed physicians to provide the health care of student athletes. With a bachelor’s or post-graduate degree in athletic training, health, physical education or exercise science, the AT has an extensive background in human anatomy, human physiology, biomechanics, exercise physiology. In addition, he or she is trained in the recognition, rehabilitation, treatment and management of injuries, as well as in nutritional and psychological counseling. Beyond this academic background, all ATs are required to participate in extensive clinical internships under strict supervision. The AT is well prepared to apply skills for the prevention of injury, to provide care for an acute injury, and to manage rehabilitation after an injury. In addition to requirements for certification, many states have laws regulating the practice of athletic training. Based on these qualifications, the certified athletic trainer, other than a physician, is the most qualified individual to deal with secondary school athletic injuries on a daily basis.

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